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Dharan “Gateway to Mahabharata Hills”

The entire city is located at the foothills of the majestic Mahabharata ranges. It is situated on the northern slopes of the Mahabharat Range, with its southern point touching the Terai area at a height of 1148 feet (349m). Dharan district is considered a jewel in Eastern Nepal. This area is densely populated with temples. Budha Subba, Panchakanya, and Pindeswari are three other temples nearby. River rafting is rather common there. Travelers can engage in hiking and trekking in the range of nearby areas in addition to rafting. Despite the fact that it lacks views of the Himalayas, it emits a natural charm that distinguishes it from the rest of Nepal’s major tourist destinations. Sapta Koshi, Nepal’s second-longest river, flows close to Dharan.

  • Budha Subba temple

Budha Subba Temple is famous among Nepalese and International tourists as a wish-fulfilling temple, and a wide variety of folktales surround the temple’s origins. Inside the temple, two earthen heaps have been raised to be worshiped as the Buddha Subba. Animal penances are usually performed on Saturdays by devotees, believing their wishes will be granted. Tipless bamboo is quite unique in this place, and it is said that the tips of these plants were broken by Budha Suba’s slingshot shots while hunting crows. It is said that the temple was built on the tomb of the last Limbu king (King Buddhi Karna). The local people of Dharan still believe that the spirit of King Buddhi Karna is harmless and helpful and wanders around this temple. They even worship the tomb to get his blessings.

There is a trend in the tipless bamboo trees to tie pairs of sacred or religious threads, as well as in different areas of the temple, for a happy relationship. Writing the names of lovers on bamboo trees is also thought to bring a happy relationship. Unfortunately, the temple committee has put a stop to this trend, because it had weakened the growth of bamboo due to the increasing number of people writing their names.

  • Pindeshwor Temple

Pindeshwor Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated at the base of Bijayapur Hill. This temple is also known as the “temple of the oil lamp” among tourists because the oil lamps are kept blazing incessantly. A huge crowd can be found every Monday during the month of Shrawan. It is said to fulfill a devotee’s demands if they come barefoot and offer holy water from the Saptakoshi and Koka rivers in the Barahakshetra temple and water from the Kaushiki Tat in the Pindeshwor Shivalaya.

  • Dantakali Temple

According to Hindu mythology, this is one of the major Shakti Peeths where Goddess Sati’s teeth fell, where “Data” means teeth, and “Kali” is a Hindu goddess. A large number of devotees and goat sacrifices can be encountered in Navaratri and Maha Asthami of Dashain, respectively. This temple is surrounded by a green mountain filled with tranquility and scenic views. Dharan’s Bhanuchowk area is only 3 kilometers away.

  • Dharan clock tower

Dharan’s most notable element and distinct identity was built in 1991 and stand 76.5 feet (23.3 m) tall with a five-story Clock Tower. This tower’s architecture is similar to that of Hong Kong’s clock tower. It is located in the center of the city, Bhanu Chowk. It is a popular destination for both locals and visitors in Dharan. Well-maintained good ambiance can be found on the premises of this tower and the ticker rate is lower than you may think.

  • Namaste Jharana

Namaste Jharana is located in the Dhankuta district and can be reached from Dharan within an hour. It is a popular destination among tourists who visit Dharan. Namaste Jharana is named after the waterfall, which is in the shape of a “Namaste” if you go near it, one can see a rainbow-like, seven-color formation standing close to the fall. Which is about 80 meters high and is surrounded by greenery and stunning views. Surprisingly great place to escape from Dharan City to feel relaxed and chilled under the cool waterfall, which makes all your tiredness go away, and the weather here will freshen you up.

  • Bijayapur

Beautiful location close to Dharan from which you can clearly see the top front view of Dharan. It is also a popular tourist destination, as it is home to the well-known Buddha Subba Temple and the Dantakali Temple. Both of these temples are extremely sacred to the Hindu communities of Nepal and India. Various homestays can be found on this hill as the hill is also used for short hiking to watch the beautiful view of Dharan Bazaar.

  • Pathivara Mandir, Bhedetar

The Main Pathivara temple is situated at Taplejung. Pathivara Devi is said to grant devotees’ wishes and dreams. In fact, the pathway, railing, gate, and resting chairs leading to the Pathivara temple of Bhedetar are all very well-built. The temple is located on a top hill near Bhedetar, which also serves as a gateway for hikers and trekkers. On the way to the temple, you will pass through some breathtaking scenery.

  • Chinde Dada

Chinde Dada is a beautiful Dharan hilltop. This is a fantastic spot for viewing Dharan’s breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, and it is very popular with adventure seekers. The view from the top of Chinde Dada is so beautiful that you can see Dharan and paragliders from there. The unpredictability of the weather can also be seen here. A one-hour hiking trail in Dharan is popular with tourists and the local Chinde Dada, impresses visitors in its own natural way.

  • Panchakanya Temple, a Natural Park

Panchakanya Park was named after the Panchakanya Temple, which is located within the forest at the end of Bijayapur Hill’s main road at its highest point, in a remote forested area. Panchakanya, the temple of five iconic heroines of Hindu mythology, goes by the name Panchakanya, which means “five goddesses”. Two little sanctuaries are inside the premises and have beautiful carvings on the walls and pleasant statues. This forest is popular among locals for picnics. The scenic beauty and pleasant environment surrounded by tall and huge trees are what attract tourists to hiking in the woods. This area of Dharan is underutilized and should be promoted.

  • Gurkha Memorial Park

Constructed in Dharan’s western hillside to help preserve the Gurkha Brigade’s legacy for future generations before it is forgotten and lost forever. The x Gurkhas of the Nepalese British Army built it in memory of their loved ones and fallen soldiers. The beautiful scenery of Dharan can be seen from here, and it is a popular picnic spot and hiking trail.

  • Shiv Jatta

A naturally occurring waterfall, Shiv Jatta is said to be the source of the Sewti River in Dharan. It is usually a 2-3 hour trek from the city. This waterfall could be the source of the Sewti River, which flows east of Dharan. There is also a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, which has drawn devotees from the cities. This could be a good place to take a break from your daily routine because the hiking trail is full of natural beauty that will make you feel at ease.

Activities to do:

Some of the most popular tourist activities include paragliding, mountain biking, white-water rafting on the Tamur and Sunkoshi Rivers, and zip-lining.

Mountain/Jungle Cycling

Showdown Dharan 2015: GNARLY and Green organized a mountain biking event in Dharan, with nearly 70 riders from various countries and Nepalese riders from various districts taking part. After the event, a lot of young people and adventurers head into the hills and forest for an exciting ride. If you want to take a bike ride through the city, hills, or woods, there are many mountain bike shops that hire out bikes. Riding is a wonderful pastime to undertake with friends that will stick in your memory of Dharan.


Paragliding is the best experience in the world that individuals can seek. Paragliding in Dharan takes you above the city, where you can see a full view of the Dharan sky above the hills of Chinde Dada, Gorkha Park, and Bhedetar. It makes you feel like a free bird roaming in the air above the hills and valleys. Flying enthusiasts are increasing day by day. After Pokhara, Dharan is the most well-known location for paragliders seeking adrenaline rushes and life-changing experiences.


Hiking with a group of friends or on your own reduces stress, anxiety, and depression and cheers us from the heart making us happier. Dharan has a variety of hiking trails that are popular with both locals and visitors, including Chinde Dada, Shiv Jatta, and Panchakanya Natural Park. Going through woods and a difficult path leads to breathtaking scenery. It is an activity to do once in a while to take a break from the hectic city life, crowds, work, and pollution to create lasting memories.

Dharan Run

It has been approximately five years since Dharan Run originally started in 2011. It is a timed free run that takes place every Saturday at 7:00 a.m. Visitors and guests from all over the world are welcome to participate in the Dharan Run, which is approximately 3.5 kilometers long and goes from Yalamber Park to Tinkune Park before returning to the original starting point. There are no age restrictions or severe rules for this event. If one is unable to run, one can jog slowly, and if that is not possible, one can stroll.


One of the main rivers used for both rafting and intermediate kayaking is the Sunkoshi. Favored by those seeking adventure whether you are a nervous newbie or a skilled thrill-seeker, this river is not to be taken lightly since it has claimed many lives. Rafting on this river will guarantee you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As it flows through an eastern region of beautiful green hills, the river offers rafting through steep ravines and whitewater.


Bhedetar Devithan Zipline is the zipline firm that runs the ziplines in Bhedetar. It takes roughly 50–55 seconds to get from the starting location to the final point in a minute. Although it might at first seem terrifying, you can breathe in a lot of fresh air while observing the picturesque hill and rushing river. Ticket prices may appear less expensive because they provide pick-up services that will take you to your starting point. The committee has been introducing numerous offers and strategies to lure tourists from Dharan and the nearby districts.

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