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Jamchen Vijaya Stupa

The physical form of the Buddha is represented by the Jamchen Vijaya Stupa, a newly constructed Buddhist religious monument on top of Budhanilkantha Hill. It also represents his journey to enlightenment, rising from the base of the stupa to the top, representing his awakening. The physical outer design of this stupa consists of many symbolic meanings such as “Parasol, Sogshing, Harmika, Vase, Five Powers, Four Ascending Steps, Three Steps, Lion Throne, Base” in Buddhist architecture.

Because of its picturesque look and well-maintained surroundings, Jamchen Vijaya Stupa has become a must-see attraction in the Kathmandu Valley. Individuals can also enter inside and observe the mystical design while listening to rhythmic chanting music that is both soothing and motivates them to meditate there for a short period of time.

Biking would be difficult because the road is still under construction, but it would provide an exciting thrill on uphill off-road driving. As I would recommend you go there hiking, it would just take 1.5 hours from Budanilkantha Temple. Make your way there before 5 p.m., as this stupa is only open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. After reaching there, its peaceful nature will refresh you as you observe the panoramic view of the valley. Walking in the grassed garden is prohibited. Make sure you don’t litter the area. The view from the top, clean air, and peaceful environment will make you not want to leave the place.

Why tourists are attracted to this place:

  • Due to the fact that this stupa signifies the Buddha’s path to enlightenment.
  • Best location to hang out for stunning panoramic views of valleys and stupas.
  • A tranquil location with fresh air and serene surroundings.
  • Meditating inside the stupa listening to peaceful chanting music.
  • Short hiking to Stupa.
  • Visiting Bishnudwar waterfall.
  • There are no extra fees to enter or stay inside the stupa.
  • Eagles will be soaring close to you on top of the stupa.

How to reach stupa:

  • Catch a bus to Budanilkantha from Ratnapark or Ring Road.
  • After reaching start walking straight from Budanilkantha Temple uphill.
  • After 2-5 minutes, you’ll reach a crossroads with two choices; select the left.
  • Make sure you ask for directions to the stupa and stick to the road. 
  • If you follow the road mentioned by Locale, you will reach the stupa gate. Also, you can find the location on Google Maps.


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