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Want to Travel Free – Hong Kong ??

The government of Hong Kong has declared that it would give out 5 lakh free airline tickets to everyone who wants to visit the city. This action follows the growth of tourism and local business in the city and comes with the announcement of a fully open border for visitors also, there are citywide promotions covering “Hong Kong Goodies” visitor consumption coupons to encourage tourists to visit Hong Kong and take advantage of its many attractions of the city. The program also aims to highlight the city’s recovery by promoting more than 200 events in the fields of culture, commerce, and tourism in addition to those that were postponed because of the pandemic.

Hello Hong Kong” is worldwide advertising and promotional campaign which is recently launched by the Hong Kong government worldwide to promote tourism towards Hong Kong. John Lee Ka-chiu, the leader of Hong Kong, claims that this campaign is being started for a number of objectives, including to attract more tourists to the city, to support the local business of the city and grow its economy. The city is still dealing with the consequences of COVID-19, which is why this camping is being organized.



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