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Hunting Applications Open for Nepal’s Dhorpatan Reserve

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation in Nepal has announced that applications are now being accepted from individuals and organizations interested in hunting in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve for the upcoming hunting season from (February to May,2023).

Competition of hunting Naur, Jharal, and Wild Boar in the reserve will be based on the blocks and fixed quotas.

According to the department, individuals and organizations can apply for the opportunity, with hunting permits granted to successful applicants. Tourists who are granted hunting permits in the reserve can take the horns, skins, and skulls of the animals they have hunted back to their country.

Dhorpatan is the only hunting reserve in Nepal, and is a unique opportunity for hunting enthusiasts and organizations seeking to participate in this rare and exciting experience. The call for proposals for hunting in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is sure to attract many applicants who are passionate about hunting and conservation.

Hunting competitions can also attract international tourists, which can help to boost the tourism industry and the country’s overall reputation as a destination for outdoor activities. By promoting hunting competitions and other eco-tourism activities, countries can position themselves as leaders in sustainable tourism and attract visitors who are interested in supporting these types of initiatives.

Overall, hunting competitions can provide economic benefits for local communities and contribute to the national economy, while also supporting conservation efforts and responsible hunting practices. It is a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to participate in hunting in a responsible and sustainable manner in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve.

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