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Discover the tragic history and unique beauty of Davis Falls

A Natural Wonder in the Heart of Pokhara, Nepal

Quick Facts

Davis Falls is a popular tourist destination that is located near the heart of Pokhara in Nepal, Lakhan Chowk. This place offers a magnificent view of a waterfall, allowing visitors to witness the grandeur of nature. The waterfall is approximately 500 feet long and falls into a deep and narrow gorge, creating a mesmerizing sight for visitors. The depth of the waterfall is unknown, but the water is crystal clear and is said to have originated from the nearby Fewa Lake. The waterfall is unique compared to other falls in the country due to its natural phenomenon. Davis Fall is a waterfall that marks where the Pardi Khola stream disappears underground, leaving no clue of its existence.


This captivating waterfall was initially named after a Swiss woman called David, who tragically drowned there. A Swiss couple had gone swimming near the waterfall on July 31, 1961. But due to the overflow, the woman drowned in a pit. It took three days to recover her body from the river Phusre. After the incident people started to visit the site calling it David’s fall. However, nowadays it is also called devi’s fall.

Its Nepali name is Patale Chango, which literal meaning is “Underworld’s Waterfall” i.e, Paatal ko chaagoo. This is one of the most visited places in Nepal. Patale Chhango in Pokhara has accumulated many different names over the years. It is also known as Devi’s Falls, David’s Falls, Devin Falls, and Devis Falls. The name might take different forms, but the sight remains the same.

Tourism attraction of Davis Falls

The waterfall is unique compared to others in the country because it marks where the Pardi Khola stream disappears underground, leaving no clue of its existence. The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a magnificent view of nature. This natural phenomenon is a rare and mesmerizing sight that draws in numerous visitors every year.

The best time to visit Devi’s Fall is during the monsoon season, which falls between June and August. During this time, the splashes of water against the boulders create a terrific site that is truly breathtaking to witness. However, if you prefer to avoid the crowds and enjoy a quieter experience, it’s best to visit during the off-season months between September and May. You should visit during the morning or late afternoon when the sun is not too strong since the light is perfect for photography.

How to get there

It’s easily accessible and there are several parking areas available nearby. The most common way to get to Davis Falls is by hiring a taxi or taking a local bus from Pokhara. You can also rent a motorbike or scooter if you prefer to explore the area on your own. There is no hike level required to reach Devi’s Fall, as it’s easily accessible by a short walk from the parking area. The path leading to the waterfall is paved, and the walk is considered easy, making it suitable for visitors of all ages and abilities.

  1. By foot: Approximately 30-40 minutes from Pokhara’s Lakeside area. (2.5 km)
  2. By taxi or private vehicle: approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic.
  3. By local bus: approximately 15-20 minutes
  4. There is no Entry fee to enter Devi’s Fall, and it’s open to visitors all day, every day.


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