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Ghandruk: A Cultural Village in the Annapurna Region

Quick facts:
Location: Ghandruk 33700
Major inhabitants: Gurung communities
Local attractions: Gurung Cultural Museum and Meshram Baraha temple
Gateway to Poon Hill trek
Distance from Pokhara: 54.8 km driving distance

Ghandruk is a Village Development Committee located in the Kaski District of the Gandaki Province in Nepal. It is situated 32 km northwest of Pokhara and is accessible by public buses and private taxis. Ghandruk is a popular place for treks in the Annapurna range, particularly for the Annapurna Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit treks. The village is surrounded by stunning views of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machapuchare, Gangapurna, and Mt. Hiunchuli. Ghandruk is home to the Gurung Cultural Museum, and Meshram Baraha temple.

Ghandruk Village

The trek to Ghandruk from Pokhara is a popular way to explore the Annapurna region. It takes about five to six hours to climb the well-paved steps, crossing paddy fields and agricultural terraces, where you can stop for a picnic lunch. You will follow the same paths used by locals, so you might see porters, farmers driving goats, and people leading mules and donkeys carrying supplies. During the trek, you can also witness stunning waterfalls and views of people working in the fields, providing a human contrast to the snow-engulfed peaks above.

Ghandruk is a beautiful village in the Annapurna range of Nepal. The village is home to the Gurung people, who have a unique culture and heritage. Visitors can explore the traditional architecture, visit the Gurung Museum, and witness cultural dances and music. Accommodation options in Ghandruk include guesthouses and homestays, providing an opportunity to experience the local way of life and hospitality. Visitors can also indulge in local cuisine, including traditional Gurung dishes like dal bhat, momos, and thukpa, as well as local products like honey, tea, and wine. The trek to Ghandruk is an excellent way to explore the natural beauty of the region, and the local people’s culture adds a unique touch to the experience.

Jharna in Ghandruk

How to Get to Ghandruk:

  1. By trekking: One of the most popular ways to reach Ghandruk is by trekking. You can start your trek from Nayapul or Phedi, which are accessible by road from Pokhara. The trek to Ghandruk takes around 6-7 hours and offers stunning views of the Himalayas.
  2. By Public bus: You can take a bus from Pokhara to Ghandruk. The bus journey takes around 4-5 hours.
  3. By Jeep: You can also hire a jeep from Pokhara which takes approximately 3 hours.
  4. By helicopter: If you are short on time or want to experience a helicopter ride, you can book a helicopter tour from Pokhara to Ghandruk.
Ghandruk by helicopter


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