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List of Waterfalls Near Kathmandu Valley You Need to Explore

Waterfalls are amazing natural attractions that people love to visit from all around the world. They are beautiful to look at, with water falling from a great height and creating a misty atmosphere. The surrounding of waterfalls is a great spot for sightseeing and taking photos. The strong force of the water is both thrilling and inspiring to watch. Waterfalls are also important places of cultural and spiritual significance in many countries. Here’s the list of waterfalls in Kathmandu Valley that are worth visiting.

Muhan pokhari Bhaktapur

During the Malla dynasty, an artificial water reservoir was built to supply drinking water to Bhaktapur. Muhan Pokhari is the best place for those people who don’t want to do a great hike to enjoy nature and water. It is completely free to play with water in a Muhan Pokhari during the summer since it goes dry throughout the winter. The reservoir is near Bhaktapur and is situated 20 kilometers away from Katmandu. It is notable for an artificial dam and a little water fountain where people come to play with water throughout the summer.

Mohini Jharna (Mahabhir Thadekhola)

Mohini Jharna is a beautiful and lovely waterfall with a splash pond near the Markhu Kulekhani boating area, where we may witness the beautiful and fascinating view of the Kulekhani Dam, featuring lush trees and hills. For those who are from KTM, traveling here is simple and affordable. The picturesque Jharana is 45 minutes from Markhu’s Kulekhani boating area, which is also a hidden treasure in Markhu. You can get there via boat or vehicle. A fantastic summer getaway for a group of friends or family to enjoy the healing sound of falling water, which bestows us with inner peace; one will only return rejuvenated and revitalized.

Bhagekhola waterfall mailung

Bhagekhola | List of Waterfalls

This waterfall is located far from Kathmandu (approximately 100 km via Prithivi Highway) and is located alongside the road of the upper Trishuli hydropower plant in Rasuwa, on the border of Kispang municipality and Rasuwa district. This waterfall offers a truly amazing waterfall with a fantastic viewpoint, mind-blowing scenery, and a lengthy waterfall with slow water motion making it the perfect day trip for riding and viewing the breathtaking vista of the waterfall. A relaxing spot to unwind and have some refreshments. You will not be sorry for going to see the waterfall.

Bishnudwar waterfall

Bishnudwar waterfall | List of waterfalls

Bishnudwar waterfall is the source of the Bishnumati River, one of Kathmandu’s primary rivers. The waterfall has a slope of almost 70 degrees and is accessible inside the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park and is a jewel that has to be explored and is situated at Shivapuri Hill. One of the best hiking routes in Kathmandu’s northern highlands with a deep damp forest with a breath of pure woodland air. You have two choices from Bishnudwar waterfall: you can either trek onward to the Shivapuri summit or you can continue hiking downhill.

NOTE: Because it is a national park, we cannot bring any forbidden/banned objects, such as lighters or weapons and others.

Fungfung Jharna Kakani

Fungfung Jharna | List of Waterfalls

Fungfung Jharana, located in Kakani, Nuwakot is 30 kilometers from Kathmandu. It is one of the greatest attractions in Kakani and one of the most spectacular waterfalls, considered the longest fall in this district. The sound and mist produced by falling water from great heights can be seen from afar. During the monsoon season, the Fung Fung waterfall falls greatly and strikes a person with its power raised due to its height.

Baudeshwar Jharna ( Jhor Jharna)

Baudeshwar Jharna | List of Waterfalls

Jhor Waterfall is more renowned for the waterfall known as Baudeshwor Waterfall (Jharana) by locals, which is also not so far from Kathmandu. It’s not just about the seasonal waterfall; it’s also about the Baudeswor Mahadev temple, which is enshrined beside the waterfall in a cave and has its own religious significance. Also ideal for pilgrims and visitors to revitalize their minds, body, spirit, and everything. Entrance to this location is free, and there is free street parking. This is an ideal spot for a weekend escape. If you want to relax in the water, spring, and summer are the finest times to go. Beautiful views of Kathmandu Valley can be seen on the way to Jhor.

Tindhare Jharna

Tindhara Jharana, popularly known as Bahubali Jharana of South Indian films, is located roughly 70 kilometers from Kathmandu Valley.

The way to this famous waterfall in the Kavre district is difficult, but it’s worth the effort because the views are amazing. You can go on one day trip from KTM Valley that includes biking, hiking, and seeing the natural beauty and waterfall. It’s also a great place to go for a weekend to explore, hang out, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature and waterfalls.

Simba Waterfalls (Simba Falls)

simba Waterfall | List of Waterfalls

Simba is a Tamang Language term that means “cold.” Simba Waterfall is a combination of five minor waterfalls, one after another located between Rigin Danda and Manikhel Khawa. located Approximately 50km away from KTM city. The breathtaking view of Simba Falls may be viewed after a half-hour or hour trek, depending on the route; to see the whole view of 5 Falls, you must climb the opposite hilltop. Waterfall located in a peaceful and damp green forest makes it a perfect nature getaway.

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