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Bungee Jumping in Nepal: All you need to Know

Bungee jumping requires a certain amount of physical and mental strength and courage. It is not as easy as you think.

However, for those who are up for the challenge, Nepal offers some of the best bungee jumping spots in the world, with breathtaking natural landscapes and stunning views.

Nepal is rich in mountains and hilly areas rivers flowing in the middle of hills or mountains. Besides being a small landlocked country it is rich in culture, Geography, Art/ Architecture, and other numerous things. Nepal has also listed some bungee spots such as Bhotekoshi Bungee, Kushma Bungee, and Pokhara Bungee.

Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump (The Last Resort)

The Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump, also known as The Last Resort Bungee, is one of the most popular bungee jumping experiences in Nepal. Located near the Tibetan border it is about a 3-hour drive from Kathmandu. This bungee jump takes place from a 160-meter-high suspension bridge that spans the Bhotekoshi River.

 bungee jump bhotekoshi | whatthenepal

The Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump is considered one of the most thrilling bungees jumps in the world, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and rivers. When it first opened, it was the world’s third-highest bungee jump. The jump is not for the faint of heart, as it requires a lot of courage and physical strength. However, the experience is well worth it.

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Kushma Bungee

Kusma Bungee, located in kushma bazaar, is popular as the highest and longest pedestrian suspension bridge. The Kusma Bungee is one of the most popular adventure activities in Nepal, attracting both Nepalese and foreign visitors. The bungee jump has a height of 228 meters considered one of the highest bungee jumps in the world after Macau Tower.

Jumping between two mountains into the fast-flowing Kali Gandaki River is an exhilarating experience that is sure to get your heart racing. The bungee jump is conducted by trained and experienced professionals who ensure that all safety measures are in place. Apart from bungee jumping, The Cliff, the company that runs the Kusma Bungee, offers a range of other exciting activities such as swing jumping, canyoning, and rafting.

Hemja Bungee in Pokhara (High Ground Adventures)

If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure and a first-time bungee experience, Hemja bungee Jumping is the one for you. HighGround Adventures operates this Bungee in Pokhara which is Nepal’s first and only tower bungee, that operates in a friendly and safe setting.

 bungee jumping in  Pokhara | whatthenepal

The bungee jump involves an 80-meter vertical drop from the tower with three seconds of free fall. The experience is sure to provide an exhilarating experience for first-time jumpers. Apart from bungee jumping, HighGround Adventures offers a range of other exciting activities such as zip-lining, canyoning, and paragliding.

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General Criteria for bungee jumping in Nepal

  • Weight limit: 40 kg to 110 kg
  • Age limit: 10 years or above
  • Parental consent is required for those between 10 and 18 years old
  • No pregnant women allowed
  • No heart disease or high blood pressure
  • No alcohol consumption during the ride
  • No asthma or respiratory disorders allowed
  • No recent bone fractures or medical surgeries allowed
  • No easily dislocated joints allowed

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