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Kathmandu Announces Parking Fee Structure within Kathmandu, Private Sector is Encouraged to Develop Parking Spaces

The Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation has announced new parking rates for passenger vehicles in the central part of Kathmandu. In Area No. 1, which includes locations such as Neurode, Dharmapath, Ratnapark, Kantipath, and Darbar Marg, the parking fee for two-wheelers is set to Rs 15 for the first half an hour and Rs 25 per hour. For four-wheelers, the parking fee is Rs 50 for the first half an hour and Rs 80 per hour.

Other places within the Municipal Corporation area are considered Area No. 2. In this area, parking rates for different types of vehicles are fixed at Rs 15 per hour for two-wheelers, Rs 40 per hour for four-wheelers, and Rs 100 per hour for larger vehicles.

Private sector-owned parking lots have their fee structure, charging Rs 15 for the first half an hour, Rs 25 for the first hour, and Rs 5 for every subsequent 15 minutes.

Free parking is provided for emergency services and specific vehicles are operated by the Municipal Corporation. In certain areas, Mandatory parking spaces are required, based on the building’s size and utility. Parking signboards approved by the Municipal Corporation should be displayed in the parking area, indicating the parking number, details, and fees. Digital systems must be used for billing and collecting parking fees, with regular submissions of details to the Municipal Corporation.

New Parking Policy with Property Tax Exemptions

Arrangements have been made to grant a 100% discount on business tax for 5 years to those providing parking services using lifts or modern technology. Implementation of modern technology parking should involve collaboration with the municipal corporation or private sector. The private sector is highly encouraged to develop parking spaces. However, the Municipal Corporation will hold the authority over parking areas and prohibited zones.

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