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Nepal’s Historic Legalization of Same-sex Marriage Expected to Boost Tourism and Promote Inclusivity

On June 28th, Nepal’s Supreme Court issued a historic ruling, declaring that all same-sex marriages must be legally registered in the country. While waiting for formal recognition of LGBTQ+ unions through legislation, the court ordered immediate registration of such marriages and non-traditional heterosexual unions. This interim measure ensures that same-sex couples enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples in the meantime.

Tourism Boom from LGBTQ+ Travelers

With the legalization of gay marriage in Nepal, the nation is expected to have a remarkable effect on tourism, particularly from LGBTQ+ travelers. While there are currently only a few LGBTQ+ focused establishments, such as the Pink Tiffany bar in Thamel, most businesses in Nepal are generally tolerant and accepting. The country’s LGBTQ+ friendly environment allows tourists to feel safe and welcome without the need to hide their identities.

In 2023, Nepal ranked 44th in the LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Index among 203 countries and territories, leading the way in Asia, ahead of other countries like Taiwan, India, and Thailand. This ranking highlights the positive impact of inclusive policies on tourism, as travelers and their allies are more likely to visit countries that promote and celebrate diversity. Since the legalization, LGBTQ+ travelers who were previously hesitant to visit the country due to concerns about acceptance and recognition will now see Nepal as a safe and welcoming destination.


A Positive Image on the Global Stage

As more LGBTQ+ couples choose Nepal as their wedding and honeymoon destination, the country’s tourism industry is likely to witness a significant boost. Additionally, showcasing inclusive government and LGBTQ+ friendly policies sends a powerful message to travelers and helps attract a broader audience to experience Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

Beyond the economic benefits, the legalization of gay marriage in Nepal has brought a wave of positive publicity, drawing global attention to the country’s commitment to human rights and social progress. International media coverage has highlighted Nepal as an inclusive and forward-thinking nation, further enhancing its image as a must-visit destination for all travelers.


The legalization of gay marriage in Nepal has undeniably contributed to a flourishing tourism industry, attracting LGBTQ+ travelers from all corners of the world. This landmark decision not only brings economic benefits to the country but also showcases Nepal’s commitment to human rights and inclusivity, setting an inspiring example for other nations in the region and beyond.



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