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Dimalung Memorial Park built in Bhojpur As a symbol of the Kirat culture

A significant milestone in the preservation and promotion of Kirat culture has been achieved with the completion of the ‘Dimalung Memorial Park’ project in Hatuwagadhi rural municipality of Bhojpur. The joint effort between the local and provincial governments in the establishment of the park aims to protect and celebrate the essence of Kirat culture.

The Dimalung Memorial Park, which spans across areas from wards no. 2 and 3 of Hatuwagadhi, acts as a historical significance of the Kirat Rai community. The total cost of the project amounted to Rs 21 million.

The park is dedicated to safeguarding the revered ‘Dimalung Rock,’ which holds immense importance in Kirat Rai history. Translating to ‘grandmother rock’ in the Rai language, the Dimalung Rock has been a site of cultural gatherings for the Kirat community for generations. Here, cultural dances and religious worship are performed twice a year, connecting the present with the rich traditions of the past.

Dimalung Memorial Park

Looking ahead, the Koshi province government has pledged an additional Rs 2.5 million, while the local government has allocated Rs 700,000 for the park’s ongoing management.

As the Dimalung Memorial Park opens its gates to visitors, it beckons all to embrace the beauty of Kirat culture and heritage. This landmark achievement showcases the power of collaboration between government entities and local communities in safeguarding Nepal’s rich cultural tapestry.

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