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DUDH KUNDA TREK: All You Need To Know

The Dudh Kunda Trek, located in Nepal’s Solukhumbu region, presents an intriguing adventure for both seasoned hikers and newcomers. Despite being lower in elevation than the Khumbu Mountain Range, this journey combines breathtaking natural beauty with historical and cultural value.


At the foot of the imposing Numbur Himal or Shorong Yul Lha, the Dudh Kunda Lake also referred to as the “milky lake,” is located. Both Buddhists and Hindus adore it, and it is thought to cleanse sins and give wishes to people who plunge into its sacred waters. The lake provides a high-altitude experience at about 4,560 meters (14,960 feet) above sea level. Dudh Kunda Lake is associated with Lord Shiva, which adds to its attraction. The lake is a notable and enigmatic location because according to legend, Lord Shiva created it by driving his trident into the ground in order to satiate his thirst.

Major attraction of Dudh Kunda

Dudh Kunda Lake: A Holy Place for Purification

The primary attraction in Dudh Kunda is a unique lake known as the “milky lake.” Around 4,560 meters above sea level, it is located in a mountainous area. People think that by entering this lake, they can make their desires come true and make their bad things disappear. Both Buddhists and Hindus value this lake, and many people come here to feel better and have their prayers answered.

Stunning Mountain Views

The enormous mountains known as the Numbur Himal can be seen as you make your way to Dudh Kunda. They look stunning with snow covering their white tops. These mountains enhance the beauty of the lake. People like to capture pictures of the glowing mountains that the sunshine creates in the morning and evening.

Different Locations

You pass through a variety of locations on the way to Dudh Kunda. There are woodlands with vibrant blooms at the start. You’ll encounter rocky and grassy areas as you ascend. Each section of the route is distinct and reveals various aspects of nature.

Spotting Wildlife

Sometimes, you might get lucky and see some animals like the Mountain Leopard or pretty birds like Pheasants. It’s exciting to see these animals in their natural home.

A Journey with Meaning

The journey to Dudh Kunda is not only a walk for many people. It’s a unique journey with a deeper purpose. People go there to receive blessings and feel more connected to their faith. People might be seen performing prayers and rituals, which are a part of their culture.


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How to get there?

To reach Dudh Kunda from Kathmandu:

Flight to Phaplu: Take a 35-45 minute flight from Kathmandu to Phaplu Airport.

Trek to Dudh Kunda: Start trekking from Phaplu to Dudh Kunda. The well-marked route takes about 6-7 days.

To Return:   Trek back to Phaplu and fly back to Kathmandu.



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