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Rock climbing has been established in Sokla, Dolakha.

In collaboration with the Bhimeshwor Municipality Ward No. 2 and with the support of the Tourism Board, a preliminary base rock climbing destination has been set up in Sokla, Dolakha.. Three routes have been prepared for rock climbing on a steep cliff about four hundred meters high.

Dolakha, famous for its treks, is now on the path to becoming a hub for adventure sports. Notably, the district’s younger generation is keen on adventure activities, prompting the growth of facilities for such sports.

Kamala Basnet, Bhimeshwor Municipality’s Deputy Mayor, emphasized the tourism potential in Bhimeshwor and the importance of showcasing natural attractions through adventure sports. She explained, “We’re weaving adventure sports and tourism into our core strategy. We’re crafting fresh paths for rock climbing in Sokla and designing routes for rafting and mountain biking in Tamakoshi and Kalinchowk regions.” They’re even aiming to position Sokla as a significant rock climbing hub in South Asia.

Sanjeev Gurung, the President of the Mountain Guide Association of Nepal (MOGAN), said that they are working on creating fresh paths for rock climbing. He added that Sokla might become a spot for climbs reaching up to 400 meters soon. Arjun, who leads the Soklashwari Tourism Development Society, plans to expand safety training to include disaster management. He stated, “We’re focusing on adventure sports and tourism. Through making new rock climbing places and offering safety training, we’re helping create jobs and boost the local economy.”

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