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Nepal’s Explosive Domestic Tourism Surge: Sukute Skyrockets as the Ultimate Destination!

Every day, local tourists are visiting Sukute for exciting activities like rafting.Sukute in Sindhupalchok, which is not far from Kathmandu. It’s about 44 kilometers away, which is around 68.2 kilometers if you take the road.

They like it there because the water in the Bhote Koshi River is clean, which is perfect for rafting. Unlike the Trishuli River in Dhading, where the water isn’t very clean because of nearby industries.

Ram Tamang, the founder of Sukute Holidays Beach Resort, says it’s safe to go rafting in Sukute Beach. He’s been rafting for a long time and has been active in Sukute for five years. Only guides approved by the government of Nepal can take people rafting there, and they even provide training for new guides.

Foreign tourists often choose to go rafting in a place called Balefi, which is considered a bit more challenging. Rafting trips also happen from Dolkhaghat to Chatara in Sunsari, which can take 8 to 10 days.

Especially on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s hard to find a hotel room in this area because it’s quite popular. There are about 10 hotels there, offering everything from tents to fancy air-conditioned rooms.

According to Jyoti Thapaliya, who leads Sukute Holidays Beach Resort, local tourists are a big reason for their success. Nepali guests usually come in groups and savor various tasty dishes. In the summer, folks come to Sukute for exciting rafting adventures, while in the winter, they gather around campfires for some cozy fun.

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