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Cultural Diplomacy: Nepal’s Path to Building Global Relationships

Smart people have said that when we want to make friends with other countries and groups from around the world, we should mainly focus on sharing our culture. At an event organized by the Cultural Study and Research Council Nepal to celebrate Nepal’s new ambassador and representative to the United Nations, speakers talked about how it’s really important to connect our diplomacy efforts with showing off our culture.

Tulasi Dibas, a wise culture expert and poet, believes that Nepali ambassadors should not only focus on official connections but also on building friendly, informal ones. He stressed how important ambassadors are in making people know about and love Nepali culture. He also highlighted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should give ambassadors training to help the world understand Nepali language, culture, way of life, and clothing.

Dr. Khagendra Luitel, who teaches at Tribhuvan University, talked about how important ambassadors are in spreading Nepali language and culture in other countries. He pointed out that culture plays a big part in defining Nepal’s identity.

Dhan Bahadur Oli, the new ambassador of Nepal to Thailand, suggested coming up with plans to showcase Nepal’s good actions on the world stage. He highlighted that Nepali language and culture could be strong links to join Nepal with the rest of the world.

Tej Bahadur Chhetri, Nepal’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, firmly stated that Nepali language, culture, way of life, and clothing are essential to Nepal’s identity. He strongly encouraged preserving and passing them down to the younger generation.

Ghana Shyam Lamsal, Nepal’s Ambassador to Kuwait, pointed out the importance of Nepali families making sure that Nepali language is a required part of their children’s education.

Ram Prasad Subedi, Nepal’s Representative to the Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva and also Nepal’s ambassador to Switzerland, emphasized the importance of promoting Nepali culture to boost tourism activities in Nepal.

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