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“Climate Crisis Hits Nepal: Below-Average Monsoon Rainfall Threatens Food Supply”

Several districts in the Terai region of Nepal are experiencing below-average monsoon rainfall, causing concern among farmers who have only cultivated around 60 percent of their land. The insufficient rainfall has not only hindered farmers from fully utilizing their arable lands but has also delayed crop cultivation, potentially affecting food crop production. Dhanusha, a district in the Terai region known as Nepal’s food basket, has received only 50 percent of its expected monsoon rainfall this year, with other districts such as Banke, Dang, Kailali, Kapilvastu, and Bara facing similar rainfall shortages.

Farmers in these regions heavily rely on rainfall for crop cultivation due to the absence of irrigation systems, especially for rice farming, which requires ample water. Below-average rainfall this year is expected to have adverse effects on food crop production. The late onset of the monsoon season in the Madhesh province has led authorities to consider declaring drought-hit areas.The effects of climate change, such as rising temperatures and more frequent extreme weather events, have already been felt in Nepal.

In order to overcome the difficulties brought on by unpredictable weather patterns, experts underline the urgent necessity for preventive steps. Nepal is thought to be particularly vulnerable to climate change, so addressing climate-related concerns successfully calls for a broad strategy. It is important to concentrate on carrying out prior pledges and compensating farmers impacted by climate-related calamities, such as floods and droughts, even though Nepal’s prime minister is anticipated to speak on climate change-related issues at the UN General Assembly.

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