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Meat and alcohol banned around Pashupati Temple for Teej festival

The District Administration Office Kathmandu has banned meat and alcohol around the Pashupati Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal, on the occasion of the great Hindu women’s festival of Teej. The ban will be in effect from today until the end of the festival.
The ban covers the area from Gaushala Mitrapark Road to the East, from Pashupati area’s eastern boundary to the west, from north to Gaushala-Tilganga Ring Road and from Mitrapark, Umakunda Gaurighat to Bagmati.
The District Administration Office said that the ban was necessary to maintain security as well as religious and cultural dignity, and sanctity within the Pashupatinath area.
The Teej festival is a three-day festival celebrated by Hindu women in Nepal and India.The goddess Teej Mata, who is thought to be the offspring of Lord Shiva and the goddess Parvati, is the object of women’s collective adoration during this period.
Women may dress up in traditional attire, dance, and sing throughout the celebration. Women fast during this period and pray for the health of their husbands and families.

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