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Nepalese Sherpas Summit Manaslu Without Oxygen

Pasang Nurbu Sherpa and Mingtemba Sherpa from Nepal have achieved a remarkable feat, scaling the 8th highest mountain, Manaslu, without the use of supplementary oxygen bottles.

Two skilled Sherpas, along with their team from Seven Summit Treks, reached the top of Manaslu at 2 in the morning today. This is a big deal because climbing Manaslu is really tough, even with extra help from oxygen. Climbing such a high mountain without using oxygen needs a lot of strength and getting used to the high places.

The Sherpas’ success shows how good and experienced Nepali climbers are. Nepal has eight of the world’s fourteen tallest mountains, and Sherpas have been a big part of lots of successful trips to these mountains.

Summiteers Name list:

  • Tenjen Sherpa (Lama), who has conquered 14 peaks in just 92 days
  • Ming Temba Sherpa ( No O2)
  • Pasang Nurbu Sherpa (No O2)
  • Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa
  • Dawa Sherpa
  • Shehroze Kashif
  • Flutura Uta Ibrahimi
  • Doroto Lidia,
  • Alasdair Mckenzie
  • Moeses Fiamoncini
    Alina Pekova
  • Adrian Laza
  • Chhepal Sherpa
  • Tenjing Sherpa
  • Pasang Dawa Sherpa

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