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“Mount Semeru in Indonesia Erupts, Authorities Urge Caution”

A big mountain called Mount Semeru in Indonesia’s East Java area exploded on Friday. This made local authorities tell people to be careful and not go near the place.

The explosion happened at 9:23 a.m. local time. Hot ashes shot out as far as 700 meters from the volcano’s hole in the southeast direction. An official from the monitoring post, Yadi Yuliandi, said, “The volcano blew out a thick, grey cloud of ash towards the southeast and south.”

Authorities have given a warning, telling people to be watchful, especially within 13 kilometers to the southeast and 5 kilometers around the top of the mountain. This is to keep safe from any more explosions.

Mount Semeru is 3,676 meters high. It’s at the third danger level, not the highest one. There was another explosion in December 2021 that made a lot of people leave their homes and sadly caused more than 50 people to die.

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