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Nepal’s National Day Marked in Brazil with Special Function at Embassy

The Nepal Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil had a special event today to celebrate Constitution Day and National Day. The Ambassador, Nirmal Raj Kafle, talked about Nepal’s progress since the Constitution was made in 2015. He mentioned how Nepal is working towards making sure every citizen gets equal rights and opportunities.

He invited Brazilian entrepreneurs to explore business chances in Nepal as the country aims to grow its economy. The Ambassador also highlighted the strong relationship between Nepal and Brazil, which got even better with the opening of embassies in both countries and signing cooperation agreements.

From the Brazilian side, Everton Lucero from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs praised the occasion and promised Brazil’s support in working together with Nepal for the benefit of both nations. Many important people from the Brazilian government, businesses, and diplomatic circles, as well as friends of Nepal, were present at the event. The embassy also displayed information about Nepal’s natural beauty and culture.

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