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Tharu Community Demands Public Holiday for Jitiya Festival

The Tharu community in Chitwan wants a public holiday for the Jitiya festival. They made this request during a meeting in Chitwan. The festival is essential for Tharu women and will be on October 7 this year. Even though it falls on a Saturday (which is a day off), they want it to be a public holiday in the future.

The leader of Sabha Chitwan, Lalit Chaudhary, said they also asked the government to create programs to help the Tharu community in areas like economy, education, culture, and society. They want more Tharu people to have leadership roles in local politics.

In Bagmati province, more than one percent of people speak Tharu in Chitwan. The ‘Bharatpur declaration’ also said Tharu should be an official language in the province and local areas.

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