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Tiptala Transit Reopens to Trade: Border Entry Passes Issued to Olangchung Gola Residents

Local Residents of Olangchung Gola Receive Border Entry Passes

Residents of Olangchung Gola in Taplejung, Nepal, received border entry passes for travel to the Riu region of China. These passes were distributed in a carefully supervised process led by Chief District Officer Goma Devi Chemjong, along with representatives from the district administration office and local authorities.

Around 88 individuals from Olangchung Gola and the Yanga area were issued these cards. Discussions were held at the Tiptala border crossing, and representatives from Dinggye County in China were also present. The Tiptala transit is set to remain open between the Dashain and Tihar festivals.

This distribution is part of an agreement between Dinggye County, Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, and the district administration office. Initially, the focus is on residents living within 30 kilometers of the border. These passes will be valid for one year and will require annual renewal.

The closure of the Tiptala transit for the past four years due to the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted trade, particularly in the export of local goods like carpets and medicinal herbs. Local residents have faced economic challenges as a result.

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