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Libya and Italy Resume Direct Flights After Nearly a Decade

After nearly a decade-long hiatus, the first commercial flight from Libya to Italy has taken off, marking a significant milestone in regional travel. The flight, bound for Rome, departed from Tripoli’s Mitiga International Airport and was operated by Libya’s Medsky Airways.

Medsky Airways has introduced a regular schedule, offering roundtrip flights on both Saturdays and Wednesdays between Tripoli and Rome. This revival of direct flights between the two countries signifies a positive development for travelers.

Furthermore, there has been a promising development in cooperation between the civil aviation authorities of Libya and Italy. They recently signed a memorandum of understanding in Tripoli to enhance civil aviation cooperation and air transport. This agreement aims to streamline and encourage the operation of charter and regular flights by airline companies from both nations.

It’s important to note that in December 2014, European Commission had imposed a ban on all Libyan airlines from operating in European airspace, citing security concerns. However, this recent resumption of flights demonstrates progress in the region’s aviation sector and a return to more normalized travel relations between Libya and Italy.

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