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Minister Kirati Announces Purchase of 10 New Aircraft to Boost Tourism

Addressing the Tanka program, Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Sudhan Kirati, has announced that within the next five to seven months, 10 additional aircraft will be added to the fleet. He made this announcement while addressing the 45th annual general meeting of the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN). Minister Kirati mentioned that the addition of aircraft is a national necessity, saying, “Aircraft contribute significantly to Nepal’s tourism. When we talk about buying aircraft, many allegations and criticisms arise. However, we are proceeding with the process of purchasing aircraft in accordance with the prevailing laws, without any possibility of corruption.”

He emphasized that hindering the purchase of aircraft amounts to obstructing job creation, and that aircraft are a national necessity. “A narrow-bodied aircraft can provide employment to at least a hundred people,” he stated. He also pointed out that while the possibility of corruption exists in any sector, it should not deter the procurement of aircraft, which is vital for the nation.

Minister Kirati also mentioned that the government is working on amending laws to avoid any hindrances to democracy and to correct the misconceptions held by certain organizations.

“Whether we receive continuous rain or not, we will encourage international flights from Pokhara Airport. Now, we are considering implementing the Three Ps policy (Public-Private Partnership) to promote tourism. A strong foundation of tourism is aircraft, and we have a shortage of them in our country. Even in our own national airlines, there is a shortage of aircraft. That’s why we are moving forward with the process of purchasing aircraft,” he added.

Sushila Thakuri, State Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, expressed her commitment to positive dialogue with the Ministry for the necessary changes in the Tanaka demand.

Tanka Chairperson Nilhari Bastola had presented information about policies and programs aimed at improving the tourism sector in various 12 points. He had urged all three levels of government to cooperate to increase revenue and create employment in the tourism sector, as well as to protect and promote important trekking routes that have deteriorated due to the expansion of road networks.

The 12 points of the Tanaka demand are as follows:

  1. Request for increased government revenue from all three levels for the effective and full implementation of tourism in the mountainous region and the creation of employment for hundreds of thousands of young people.
  2. Declaration of important trekking routes as national and provincial highways due to the destruction of trekking routes by the expansion of road networks, reducing the cost and satisfaction of tourists.
  3. Cooperation with institutions like Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Hotel Association Nepal (HAN), and Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) in making trekking destinations successful by formulating 10-year action plans for tourism production and sector-wise development and promotion.
  4. Provision of tax incentives to encourage businesses to file taxes and maintain a systematic tax system.
  5. Reconciliation between entrepreneurs and the state by providing tax benefits to tourists inside and outside the country and providing tax packages.
  6. Keeping entrepreneurs informed about government policies and programs related to tourists and providing incentives to entrepreneurs by maintaining a systematic tax system in coordination with the state and local governments.
  7. Organizing entrepreneurship training programs for various sectors such as adventure tourism, agricultural tourism, spiritual tourism, adventure tourism, study tourism, cultural tourism, wildlife tourism, and making the country’s achievements available.
  8. Initiating international exchange of experiences on community-based tourism and organizing programs for the development of tourism in Nepal.
  9. Participation in international tourism fairs to attract more tourists.
  10. Encouraging tourists to pay taxes to the state by staying inside and outside the country and providing tax packages.
  11. Developing a program for the development of adventure tourism in the country, adventure travel, cultural tourism, and cultural programs, wildlife tourism, wild adventure programs, and wildlife conservation and promoting wildlife tourism.
  12. Organizing Adventure Travel Mart as an identity of Nepal due to its adventurous tourism, promotion of adventure tourism and activities, and development of adventure tourism.

In the program, Tanka’s founding chairperson, Ambika Shrestha, was also present.

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