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Sherpa and German Climber Achieve Sub-13-Hour Summit of Cho Oyu, Sixth-Highest Peak, Without Supplemental O2

Prakash Sherpa and Benedikt Böhm achieved a remarkable feat by scaling Cho Oyu, the world’s sixth-highest peak, in under 13 hours without using supplemental oxygen, adhering to the principles of alpine climbing. The accomplishment, reported by Alpinist Climber Expeditions, involved an 18km journey with 3,400 meters of vertical ascent. Prakash Sherpa, an IFMGA guide, and Benedikt Böhm from Germany commenced their ascent from the base camp at 11:00 pm on October 6th, reaching the summit at 11:35 am the following day, completing the ascent in just 12 hours and 35 minutes.

The climbers faced challenging conditions, battling strong winds and harsh snow during their ascent. This achievement aligns with their commitment to alpine-style climbing and highlights their successful sub-13-hour summit of Cho Oyu.

Their journey began when the team arrived at the Advance Base Camp on September 26. Following acclimatization rotations, they decided to pursue an alpine-style summit push from the base camp. Prakash Sherpa emphasized that their goal was to promote alpinism in the Himalayas.

Looking ahead, the Alpinist Climber Expeditions team is gearing up for a new challenge: an expedition on Malangphulang, a peak standing at 6,573 meters. This mountain has seen very few successful climbs, with the last ascent dating back to April 28, 2000, when Americans conquered it via the west face. The team’s plan is to undertake this climb in an alpine style, maintaining their commitment to promoting this approach in mountaineering.

Alpinist Climber Expeditions is renowned for its expertise in pure alpine-style expeditions, offering 1:1 private guiding with an IFMGA mountain guide and ensuring high-quality service throughout their trips. With over a decade of experience in mountaineering expedition planning and coordination, the team places paramount importance on safety while striving to provide an exceptional experience for climbers, always focusing on the goals of reaching the summit, returning safely, and having an enjoyable journey.

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