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Barpak-Laprak Road reopens after three months, but the upgrade project is still incomplete

The Barpak-Laprak road is back in action after being blocked for three long months due to landslides. The road had suffered damage in various spots because of heavy rains. Ganesh Subedi, who heads the road infrastructure development office in Gorkha, reported that the road was reopened on Tuesday after a team used a JCB bulldozer to clear debris over seven to eight days.

The blockage of this road had caused a lot of difficulties for the local residents, especially in supplying essentials to Laprak. They were even forced to carry heavy loads of food to Laprak and nearby areas, even during festivals. The local contractor faced accusations of causing delays in upgrading the Barpak-Laprak road, which had been under contract since May 22, 2020, with a two-year completion deadline.

To date, 41 months since the road upgrade project began, only 52 percent of the work has been completed, according to Subedi. The contract was awarded to Sharma Bikki JV. Due to the project not meeting the initial deadline, the completion date has been extended until June 2, 2024. The contract covered the upgrade of 13.14 kilometers of road at a cost of over Rs 341 million.

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