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Post-Dashain Festival Rush Sees Surge in Returnees to Kathmandu Valley

As the Dashain festival comes to a close, a significant influx of people is making its way back to Kathmandu Valley, creating a considerable challenge in managing traffic flow at various checkpoints. The Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office, under the leadership of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Poshraj Pokhrel, has swiftly mobilized police forces to address the growing traffic congestion.

The checkpoints, particularly Nagdhunga and Sanga, have witnessed an extensive queue of vehicles as people return to the valley after celebrating the festival with their families. In response to this surge, DIG Pokhrel has reinforced law enforcement efforts by deploying additional police teams to ensure the smooth movement of vehicles.

The Dashain festivities saw an estimated 1.6 million individuals leaving the valley to celebrate with their loved ones, and now, with their return, the authorities are diligently working to maintain order and safety on the roads.



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