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“Nepal Telecom Extends Support to Earthquake-Hit Regions: Free Calls and SMS Services in Jajarkot and Rukum West”

In a proactive response to the earthquake-affected areas of Jajarkot and Rukum West, Nepal Telecom (NTC) has stepped up to provide vital assistance. The government, in collaboration with NTC, has introduced a commendable initiative, offering free phone calls and SMS services to residents of these regions.

Shobhan Adhikari, the spokesperson of Nepal Telecom, has announced that NTC will be offering a generous five days of free call and SMS services to the earthquake-stricken areas in Jajarkot and Rukum West districts. This initiative aims to ensure uninterrupted communication for residents and facilitate the sharing of critical information during these challenging times. Additionally, NTC is making available free SIM cards, including the same free call and SMS services, for a period of five days.

This crucial decision was taken following a meeting and directive from Rekha Sharma, the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, at the ministry. It showcases the commitment of Nepal Telecom to provide much-needed support to the affected communities in these areas.

As Nepal Telecom extends its helping hand, this initiative will not only benefit the local populace but also resonate with international readers, highlighting the country’s resilience and solidarity in times of adversity.

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