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Nepal Congress Leaders Visit Earthquake-Hit Area: Assessing the Aftermath

Kathmandu – Two notable leaders of the Nepali Congress, Gagan Kumar Thapa and Vishwaprakash Sharma are scheduled to make a field visit to regions affected by the recent earthquake. The Central Monitoring and Simplification Committee of the party has tasked them with this important mission.

The Nepali Congress has also officially communicated its stance to the Prime Minister, seeking clarity on the steps required for recovery and reconstruction. Their primary aim is to evaluate potential challenges during this process and provide valuable recommendations.

The party emphasizes the necessity of engaging the attention of both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of the province in streamlining and resolving the issues specific to the affected areas.

In a show of solidarity with all those impacted by the Jajarkot earthquake, the Nepali Congress urges unity among political parties, transcending divisions, to address this disaster.

Furthermore, the Nepali Congress has pledged NPR 5 million to the government’s relief fund, exemplifying their commitment to offering assistance and support during this challenging period.

During the night of Kartik 17, a powerful earthquake, measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, struck Ramidanda in Jajarkot, causing extensive damage and loss of life.

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