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Foreign Visitors Alerted as Footpaths Cleared around Fewa Lake

The city authorities in Pokhara have issued a cautionary notice to foreign visitors residing around the Fewa Lake area, urging them to be mindful of their business operations and to cease any unlawful activities.

Foreign entrepreneurs and businesses with footpath-based operations in the vicinity have been directed to vacate the area, with cooperation from both the Ward Police Office and the Municipal Police Office.

On Tuesday night, the Pokhara Metropolitan City Police Team, the Bidam Police Team, and local representatives collectively cleared the individuals conducting business on the footpaths around the lake.

In the days to come, business owners are also invited to contribute to enhancing the aesthetics of the popular tourist destination. According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Rajendra Shrestha of the Bidam Police, cracking down on footpath encroachments and illicit activities was carried out to counteract the adverse effects witnessed around the lake, especially with foreign tourists seeking to relish the beauty of the city.

After assessing the situation and considering the negative impacts, this action was taken and is part of a symbolic campaign to minimize detrimental influences in the tourist sector in Pokhara.

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