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Kanchanpur District Takes a Stand Against Plastic: Bans Use of Thin Plastic and Plastic Garlands

In a recent move, the district administration office in Kanchanpur has imposed a ban on the utilization of plastic weighing less than 40 microns. Additionally, the sale and distribution of plastic-made garlands have also been prohibited. The decision to restrict the use of plastic garlands was prompted by the escalating trend of their use during festivals and events, as mentioned by Assistant Chief District Officer Dharma Raj Joshi. He emphasized the adverse environmental impact of plastic flowers, garlands, and bouquets, contributing to pollution and negatively affecting the local flower market. This prohibition aligns with the government’s broader initiative, as outlined in a notice on the gazette dated July 28 of this year. The government directive prohibits the production, import, storage, sale, and distribution of plastic bags weighing less than 40 microns. The local administration in Kanchanpur has taken this step in adherence to the national effort to reduce plastic usage. Stay tuned for a greener and more environmentally conscious Kanchanpur!

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