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Urgent Call for Clean-Up: Sirsiya River Pollution Worsens Despite Temporary Relief

Sirsiya River, notorious for pollution, briefly saw relief ahead of the Chhath festival. However, concerns persist as industrial waste continues to mar its waters, affecting local communities.

Residents note a recent decrease in pollution, attributed to festival precautions. Yet, industrial discharges along the Parsa-Bara Industrial Corridor remain a primary cause of the river’s perpetual contamination.

Despite cultural significance during Chhath, the river’s murky state affects devotees and surrounding settlements. Efforts to curb pollution temporarily during the festival lack continuity, leaving the river’s health compromised.

Local campaigns strive for lasting solutions, demanding action from authorities to stop industrial waste disposal into the river permanently. The issue, impacting regions in Nepal and India, demands urgent attention.

Industrial negligence, lack of waste treatment, and a surge in factories without proper measures exacerbate the situation. Calls for strict monitoring and action persist, emphasizing the need for a pollution-free Sirsiya River.

Birgunj authorities have taken steps, but compliance remains an issue. A recent symbolic protest journey to Kathmandu highlighted the river’s plight, urging authorities to address this escalating environmental crisis.

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