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“Newly Blacktopped Road Joins Three Locales for Agro Tourism!

Three local-level units in Tanahun are connected by an agrotourism road that has been blacktopped.
The road has created a connection between the municipalities of Bhimad, Myagde, and Byas.
Blacktopping, as reported, was carried out along the Lochadanda agro-tourism road that links the borders of Byas municipality-5, Manungkot, Myagde rural municipality-1, Dharadi, and Bhimad municipality.

The road project was carried out by the Infrastructure Development Office, Tanahun, which is part of the Gandaki Province Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development and Transport Management.

According to Engineer Homnath Gautam, RCC was completed along 200 meters of the road, while blacktopping was carried out in 1,300 meters of the approximately 22-kilometer route.

The connecting agro-tourism road will be beneficial to the residents of three local-level entities. Locals celebrated the road’s blacktopping since it freed them from dirt and dust.

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