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CAAN Revives Duty-Free Shops at TIA After 15-Year Closure: Opportunities for Interested Firms

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is rekindling the operation of duty-free shops at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) following a hiatus of 15 years. The authority has recently issued a tender, inviting firms keen on managing these lucrative duty-free spaces.

Under this initiative, a substantial area of 26.11 square meters on the first floor and 75.8 square meters adjacent to the immigration unit will be allocated for the operation of duty-free shops. Interested firms are urged to participate in the bidding process within the next 30 days, with successful candidates securing contracts spanning the next five years to oversee these retail outlets.

Jagannath Niroula, spokesperson for CAAN, emphasized that this move aims to bolster the authority’s revenue streams by revitalizing the duty-free shopping experience at TIA.

In alignment with a comprehensive 73-point work plan introduced by the Ministry of Tourism in July, the duty-free shops at TIA will offer an array of products, including locally crafted handicrafts and domestically produced liquors.

This revival comes after the closure of the longstanding duty-free shop managed by National Trading Ltd, a government enterprise, in 2008. Former Finance Minister Baburam Bhattarai had halted operations citing substantial losses incurred by the public enterprise.

Now, with this resurgence, CAAN is poised to reinvigorate the duty-free shopping landscape at TIA, providing opportunities for both local and international firms to participate and cater to the diverse preferences of travelers.

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