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Revolutionizing Citizen Engagement: Karnali Province Police Introduces Innovative QR Code for Seamless Complaint Resolution

In a groundbreaking move towards enhanced citizen-state collaboration, the Karnali Province Police Office in Surkhet unveiled a pioneering Quick Response (QR) code. This tech-driven initiative, spearheaded by Deputy Inspector General of Police Bhim Prasad Dhakal, is designed to streamline police services, ensuring convenient access for citizens to voice grievances, share concerns, and offer constructive suggestions.

DIG Dhakal emphasized the QR code’s pivotal role in amplifying citizen participation in law and order matters. “Our aim is to facilitate easy reporting of issues, promising transparency in addressing complaints received through this digital gateway,” he affirmed.

This innovative approach aligns with the ‘Safe Karnali Special Campaign,’ encompassing multifaceted strategies like victim aid programs, interactive patrols, passenger-friendly application processes, citizen facilitator mobilization, and a comprehensive anti-drug abuse awareness campaign.

By integrating the QR code system, citizens now have the convenience to lodge complaints related to law and order from any location, leveraging the power of technology. Emphasizing confidentiality, DIG Dhakal assured anonymity for complainants while categorizing grievances into ‘most urgent,’ ‘urgent,’ and ‘general,’ prioritizing prompt resolution for each category.

Acknowledging the transformative impact, DIG Dhakal highlighted the swift response mechanism, committing immediate attention to ‘most urgent’ cases, with a three-day turnaround for urgent issues and five days for general complaints.

This technological leap aims to foster closer citizen-state engagement, bolster public trust in security measures, optimize service delivery, and effectively address challenges encountered in service provision. Notably, recent statistics reveal the positive impact of police initiatives, benefiting thousands through interactive patrols, passenger-friendly campaigns, and free application writing programs.

The introduction of the QR code by the Karnali Province Police Office marks a pivotal step towards inclusive governance, setting a precedent for efficient and transparent public service delivery, and resonating with both Nepali citizens and global audiences.

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