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“Get Ready for Pokhara’s Amazing Skydive Adventure 2023 – Reach for the Sky in Thrilling Style!”

Another thrilling chapter of Pokhara Skydive 2023 has closed with triumph! Skilled pilots, including Captain Francois Favart, Rabin Prajapati, and Sujal Shrestha, took the plunge from a B3/B2 AS 350 helicopter by Fishtail Air, soaring between altitudes of 12500-13000 feet.

Against the breathtaking backdrop of Pokhara’s serene valleys and majestic Himalayas, thrill-seekers from across the globe experienced an adventure beyond imagination. The seven-day extravaganza witnessed 159 successful jumps by solo and tandem enthusiasts, including the elated Indian celebrity duo, Telugu actress Tejaswi Madivada and actor Navdeep.

Recognized as a pinnacle event, Pokhara Skydive marks the conclusion of the Autumn season and drew a diverse crowd, prompting an extension of the event to accommodate additional jumpers. Managed by ground crew experts Bharat Puri, and Manoj Thapa, and featuring ground photography talents Durlav Roy Chowdhury and Sujan Bhadel, the event showcased the thrill of skydiving against Pokhara’s stunning vistas.

This year’s successful venture culminated on November 24th, promising to return for more thrills in the autumn of 2024. The allure of Pokhara Skydive continues to captivate both local and global adventure enthusiasts, promising an unforgettable experience amidst Nepal’s natural wonders.

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