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Innovative ‘Pelican Crossing’ Traffic Lights Launched in Kathmandu’s Babarmahal Area

A cutting-edge traffic light system, known as ‘Pelican Crossing,’ has been activated in Babarmahal, Kathmandu, revolutionizing pedestrian control of signals. This advanced traffic management technology became operational earlier today, marking a significant step in Kathmandu’s traffic control measures.

Installed at various intersections across the Kathmandu Valley, these automatic traffic lights incorporate a feature allowing pedestrians to initiate signal changes by simply pressing a button. Jagat Man Shrestha, the traffic management advisor to Kathmandu Metropolitan City, detailed the system’s functionality. At a cost of Rs 1 million, this innovative system has been implemented specifically in front of the Kathmandu District Court in Babarmahal.

Shrestha explained, “Upon pressing the switch, pedestrians trigger a red signal within two minutes, signaling vehicles to halt and allowing safe passage. Subsequently, the green light indicates vehicle movement.” This technology aims to facilitate pedestrian congregation and safe road crossing, ensuring that signals align with pedestrians’ requirements, despite not being synchronized with vehicle movements.

Moreover, the metropolitan authority plans to extend this technology by installing similar traffic lights in front of 36 different schools in Kathmandu, further enhancing pedestrian safety and traffic management in key areas.

The introduction of ‘Pelican Crossing’ marks a significant stride toward modernizing traffic control systems in Kathmandu, prioritizing pedestrian safety and efficient traffic flow in bustling urban areas.

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