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Pokhara Street Festival Marks 25th Anniversary: A Celebration of Tourism and Culture

The upcoming Pokhara Street Festival, an annual celebration at Pokhara’s Lakeside coinciding with the English New Year, is set to commemorate its silver jubilee this year.

Organized by the Restaurant and Bar Association Nepal (REBAN) in Pokhara, this milestone edition of the festival holds special significance in promoting tourism in the region. Bishwo Raj Poudel, Acting Chairperson of REBAN Pokhara, revealed that extensive preparations have been put in place to observe this year’s street festival, aiming to showcase Pokhara as the ultimate destination for both domestic and international tourists during the English New Year.

The festival, spanning three three-kilometer zones in Lakeside, aims to elevate Pokhara’s allure as a vibrant English New Year celebration hub. Poudel, the festival coordinator, expressed plans to enhance the festival’s appeal significantly for its silver jubilee edition. Traditionally themed around ‘Eat in the streets, Enjoy in the streets,’ this year’s festivities promise an even more captivating experience.

With an estimated influx of around 500,000 domestic and foreign tourists, the festival scheduled from December 28, 2023, to January 1, 2024, offers a diverse array of attractions. Visitors can anticipate cultural showcases, displays of national and international cuisines, traditional costumes from various communities, exhilarating activities like boat races and volleyball competitions, enthralling concerts, and engaging discussions on Pokhara’s tourism development, its prospects, challenges, and opportunities.

This landmark 25th-anniversary celebration of the Pokhara Street Festival not only signifies a joyous milestone but also serves as a vibrant platform to celebrate the rich tapestry of culture and tourism that Pokhara offers to the world.

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