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Security Boost Directed for Terai National Parks: Collaboration Key in Wildlife Protection

A collective assembly of officials from five national parks in Chitwan convened to reinforce security measures across the Terai region’s national parks, emphasizing the need for enhanced security management.

Organized by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), the meeting brought together officials from these parks, security personnel, and stakeholders to address critical security concerns.

Dr. Sindhu Prasad Dhungana, Director General of DNPWC, urged park administration, security personnel, and stakeholders to fortify security systems within the parks. Enhancing security, he stressed, would play a pivotal role in curbing wildlife theft and illicit trade of forest products through unified efforts.

Key figures including Lieutenant General Sundar Kumar Pandey, Chief of the National Parks and Wildlife Reserve Directorate of Nepal Army, Brigadier General Sanukaji Thapa of Nepali Army Battalion-28, and Brigadier General Leela Bahadur Khanal Chhetri of Nepali Army Battalion-7 were present. Their insights highlighted the necessity for seamless coordination among security agencies, local communities, and stakeholders to effectively manage park security.

DNPWC also underscored the imperative to bolster the capacity of park staff and security agencies in combatting wildlife crime. Additionally, the emphasis was placed on leveraging the latest technology for heightened surveillance and control, reinforcing the commitment to protecting wildlife and ecosystems in the Terai region’s national parks.

This concerted effort among park authorities, security agencies, and stakeholders signifies a united front in safeguarding the rich biodiversity of these national parks, ensuring their preservation for current and future generations.

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