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Progress Update: Nepal-China Collaborative Efforts on Kathmandu-Kerung Railway Gain Momentum

Recent developments have propelled discussions between China and Nepal concerning the ambitious Kathmandu-Kerung inland railway project. Notable officials, including Keshav Kumar Sharma, Secretary of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, and Rohit Kumar Bisural, Director General of the Department of Railway, have convened in China to delve into the project’s details.

The Secretary-level Railway Mechanism meeting between Nepal and China has facilitated a review of the project’s progress. A dedicated technical team from China has commenced an intricate feasibility study in various Nepalese regions, encompassing Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Kathmandu, and beyond, spearheaded by the China Railway Survey and Design Group Company Limited.

While the Chinese technical team is actively engaged in conducting comprehensive studies, detailed information on the project’s advancement is anticipated to be shared during the Secretary-level discussions. These meetings are pivotal, intending to explore avenues for collaboration, encompassing land, forest management, and other key aspects.

The three-and-a-half-year timeline is earmarked for the Chinese technical team to furnish a comprehensive feasibility report. Despite initial delays due to pandemic-related restrictions, the recent relaxation in travel restrictions has catalyzed progress according to the agreed action plan.

Notably, the construction of the Kathmandu-Kerung railway holds immense economic potential, with approximately 98 percent of the project deemed challenging, featuring tunnels and bridges across rugged terrain. This strategic railway initiative is envisioned to amplify Nepal’s connectivity to China’s ports, promising economic benefits and heightened transportation capabilities.

Once the study is completed by the Chinese team, the subsequent steps involve negotiating modalities for project construction, and investment, and addressing technical intricacies, ultimately leading to crucial agreements between Nepal and China.

This venture marks a significant step towards enhancing regional connectivity and fostering economic prospects, underscoring the shared commitment of Nepal and China towards transformative infrastructural developments.

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