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Kathmandu to Enforce Total Ban on Tobacco Sales Starting December 13, 2023

In a significant move toward fostering a healthier environment, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is set to enact a comprehensive prohibition on the sale of all tobacco products across its 32 wards, effective from December 13, 2023.

Ram Prasad Poudel, Chief of the Health Department at KMC, emphasized the complete ban on the sale, storage, and usage of tobacco items wrapped in plastic packaging within the metropolis. This includes various products such as cigarettes, beedi, tambakhu, sulfa, kakkad, raw tobacco in plastic packaging, chewing tobacco, gutkha, and paan parag, among others.

KMC’s Health Department Chief Poudel underscored the rigorous implementation of Clause 42 of the Public Health Act issued in 2080 BS, aligning with efforts to mitigate the adverse impacts of tobacco usage on both individual health and the environment. Emphasizing the city’s aspiration to become healthier and more environmentally conscious, he declared the KMC Police’s commitment to seizing any such prohibited products found being sold.

This pivotal step is a significant aspect of KMC’s broader strategy to enhance public health and environmental conditions within the city. As part of the ongoing efforts, KMC is also gearing up for a subsequent phase aimed at controlling hukka, a traditional smoking device.

This proactive initiative is a testament to Kathmandu’s dedication to fostering a healthier populace and preserving the environment. The upcoming ban on tobacco sales represents a milestone in promoting better health practices and ensuring a cleaner, safer environment for all residents.

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