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“Important Update: Nepali Citizens Traveling to Indonesia Now Require Sticker Visas”

The Indonesian Embassy in Dhaka has announced a crucial change for Nepali citizens planning trips to Indonesia. Effective immediately, obtaining a sticker visa is now mandatory for those intending to visit the country.

This decision follows challenges encountered during the processing of e-visas through different agencies in Indonesia and Nepal. To streamline visa procedures, the embassy has advised that all visa-related applications must be routed through the office of the honorary consular in Kathmandu, Indonesia.

Recognizing issues in the e-visa application process, the embassy strongly advises against applying for e-visas when departing from Nepal to Indonesia.

Chandra Prasad Dhakal, the honorary consul of Indonesia for Nepal, has assured efforts to introduce a visa-on-arrival system for travelers from Nepal to Indonesia. Additionally, the embassy and the Indonesian government have introduced new measures to enhance the existing process for the convenience of Nepali citizens.

Stay informed about these essential updates for seamless travel arrangements to Indonesia.

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