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Pokhara Set to Potentially Become Nepal’s Premier Tourism Capital

A pivotal step toward crowning Pokhara as the tourism epicenter of Nepal has been initiated with the formation of a dedicated study committee. Dr. Krishna Chandra Devkota, Vice Chair of Gandaki Province Planning Commission, heads this committee, tasked with executing the government’s current policy and program.

Comprising representatives from key ministries such as industry, tourism, and environment, along with the involvement of the Pokhara Tourism Council, media entities, and distinguished tourism experts like Dr. Ramji Sharma and Basu Dev Tripathi, the committee stands poised to drive this transformative endeavor.

The committee’s secretary, appointed from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest, and Environment at the province, shall oversee the coordination of efforts towards this ambitious goal.

Previously, the Ministry devised a comprehensive concept note outlining strategies to elevate Pokhara as the country’s foremost tourism hub. The establishment of this committee aligns closely with the vision outlined in the concept note.

Chief Minister Surendra Raj Pandey expressed the committee’s primary objective: to pinpoint areas for enhancing tourism infrastructure and services, thereby solidifying tourism as a cornerstone for prosperity.

Operating under a strict timeline, the committee has been entrusted with delivering its comprehensive report within a month, outlining strategic pathways for Pokhara’s ascendancy as Nepal’s premier tourism capital.

This proactive initiative not only signifies a pivotal moment for Pokhara’s development but also heralds a promising chapter for Nepal’s tourism landscape on the global stage. As efforts intensify, the world watches with anticipation as Pokhara charts its course to becoming a beacon of tourism excellence.

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