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Former King to Illuminate Basantapur Lamp, Signaling Nepal’s Proclamation as Vedic Sanatan Hindu Nation: Durga Prasai

Renowned medical entrepreneur Durga Prasai has revealed plans to declare Nepal as a Vedic Sanatan Hindu Dharma nation on February 17, 2024, with the former King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah set to ceremoniously light a lamp at Kathmandu’s Basantapur to commemorate this declaration, according to Prasai.

Prasai highlighted the symbolism behind the lamp, initially lit by the former king in Mechi and to be rekindled at Basantapur, representing Nepal’s affirmation as a Vedic Sanatan Hindu nation. “This momentous event signifies the commencement of a significant transformation within our societal framework,” he conveyed to reporters during a Sunday morning address.

Stressing the former king’s involvement in addressing the nation’s concerns, Prasai advocated for a more public presence, suggesting that the upcoming protest would adopt a decentralized approach. He emphasized the movement’s pivotal role in catalyzing systemic change, earmarking February 17 as a decisive moment.

Setting a timeline, Prasai indicated the announcement of a parallel government by February 16, intending to exercise parallel authority from grassroots villages to the national level. He highlighted the inclusion of nationalist forces in the civilian administration, extending invitations to influential figures, including unconventional media personalities like YouTubers.

Reflecting on the movement’s progress, Prasai affirmed their successful pushback against the UML’s Yuwa Sangh dominance, considering it a milestone achieved during this phase.

This event on February 17 signifies a crucial step in Nepal’s potential transition towards a Vedic Sanatan Hindu Dharma nation, promising significant changes within the nation’s fabric and governance structure.

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