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“Government’s Pledge to Restore Melamchi Water Supply to Kathmandu Within a Month Faces Hurdles After Flood Damage”

Minister Mahindra Ray Yadav from the Water Supply Department visited the Melamchi area to check on the water supply project. He wanted to make sure things were okay after the floods and to speed up water delivery to Kathmandu. While crossing the river, he told the project team to hurry up and get water to the people in Kathmandu.

But, it’s not easy. The floods caused much damage, especially to the springs and some important parts of the project. Tanka Dhamala, who works with the minister, said everyone is talking about how important it is to get water to Kathmandu, even if things are tough.

The minister knows it’s been slow because of problems with building stuff and the damage from the flood. Still, he’s determined to get water to Kathmandu quickly, maybe by working with different groups, and hopes to do it within a month.

The people managing the Melamchi Water Supply Project said the flood resulted in some important parts of the project. They need to fix these before sending water to Kathmandu.

They’re trying hard but can’t promise water will come to Kathmandu soon. They’re fixing things fast, hoping to send water within a month if nothing unexpected comes up, said Padam Bahadur Kunwar, an engineer there.

Nima Gyalzen Sherpa, who leads the Helambu Rural Municipality, said they’re fully supporting the plan to bring Melamchi water to Kathmandu.

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