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Road Development Milestone: 16 Motorable Bridges Connect Beni to Mustang in Kaligandaki Corridor Project

Significant progress has been achieved in the construction of motorable bridges along the route from Beni in Myagdi to Korala in Mustang, facilitated by the Kaligandaki Corridor Road Project, a national pride initiative. With a total of 16 robust bridges already completed along the Beni-Jomsom-Korala road section, the project aims to transform travel experiences, eliminating the need for perilous river crossings.

These bridges, a crucial component of infrastructure development, serve as lifelines, offering safer passage over rivers and streams. According to Bikash Bhandari, a public bus driver, the upgraded roadways have significantly reduced travel risks, particularly during adverse weather conditions. Previously, navigating through rainstorms posed immense challenges, witnessing vehicles being swept away by rivers. However, with the ongoing enhancements, the situation has notably improved.

Engineer Bishnu Chapagain reported the completion of 16 bridges – 13 under the project’s jurisdiction and three facilitated by the Department of Roads – spanning across Rahughat, Begkhola, Tiplyang, Pokharebagar, Dana, Luprakhola, Chhantangkhola, Letekhola, Lomanthang Khola, Kimling Khola, Namdok Khola, Bharmakhola, Syangkhola, and Ghatkekhola in Myagdi and Mustang districts. Additionally, eight bridges are currently under construction, with plans for an additional four, including one near the Rupse Falls area.

The Kaligandaki Corridor Project, covering a stretch of 208 kilometers from Maldhunga in Parbat to Korala at the Nepal-China border in Mustang, has been underway for the past seven years. This infrastructural endeavor not only connects regions but also signifies a monumental step toward enhancing connectivity and ensuring safer travel experiences for locals and tourists alike.

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