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Skyward Expansion: NOC to Introduce Air Refueling Stations at Bharatpur and Jumla Airports

In a strategic move to enhance aviation services, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) gears up to introduce air refueling facilities at Bharatpur Airport in Chitwan and Jumla Airport. This initiative comes as a relief to airline companies grappling with the absence of refueling stations, ensuring smoother operations for flights in these regions.

Umesh Prasad Thani, NOC’s executive director, confirmed the corporation’s proactive steps toward establishing dedicated refueling stations at these pivotal airports. “Our focus is on meeting the pressing needs and demands of flights,” Thani mentioned. “Efforts are underway to set up refueling infrastructure promptly.”

Presently, airlines serving Bharatpur and Jumla airports encounter logistical challenges, being compelled to refuel at departure points. For instance, flights to Bharatpur rely on Kathmandu for refueling, while those headed to Jumla require fuel from Nepalgunj. The imminent introduction of refueling services is poised to alleviate this inconvenience significantly.

Highlighting NOC’s recent strides in this realm, Thani emphasized, “The recent establishment of a refueling station at Simra Airport in Bara stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing aviation fuel services.”

This progressive step by NOC aims to streamline operations and facilitate smoother air travel, empowering airlines to operate more efficiently within Nepal, and ultimately benefiting both local and international travelers.

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