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Trouble at ‘Metro Plaza’: Building Delays Raise Worries About Ending Contracts in Bharatpur

The anticipated ‘Metro Plaza project in Bharatpur Metropolitan City faces a potential contract termination due to significant delays in its construction, marking a concerning setback for the collaborative venture between the private sector and the city authorities.

Despite the ceremonial foundation stone laid by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal almost two years ago, the Bharatpur Metropolitan City expressed dissatisfaction with Arya Wilders Engineering Pvt Ltd, the contracted construction company, for failing to initiate the project as per the agreed-upon timeline.

Mayor Renu Dahal issued a stern warning, emphasizing the possibility of contract termination if the company fails to fulfill its obligations by the specified deadline of December 6. Notably, the city administration has urged the company to furnish crucial documents such as financial closure details, environmental impact assessments, and a comprehensive work schedule. Failure to comply could lead to contract termination and forfeiture of deposited funds.

The ambitious ‘Metro Plaza’ project, slated to occupy an expansive 11.5 kattha land in Narayanghat Lions Chowk, Bharatpur-3, envisioned a 12-story building with underground parking lots and various amenities including a children’s park, conference hall, hotel, cinema, and dining facilities. The partnership allocated a 30-year tenure, with three years earmarked for construction and subsequent business operations spanning 27 years.

Jagannath Aryal, overseeing the Public-Private Partnership (PPP), clarified the ownership arrangement, stating the property belongs to the metropolis while allowing the contracted entity business operations post-construction. The venture aimed to bolster employment and revenue, with projected annual earnings escalating from Rs 3 million in the first year to Rs 4 million in the third year. Subsequently, the city expects to receive Rs 15.4 million annually, comprising land rent and revenue.

The delay in initiating ‘Metro Plaza’ raises concerns about the project’s future and its potential economic benefits for Bharatpur Metropolitan City, prompting close scrutiny and potential contract termination if compliance remains unmet.

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