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“Nepal Ready to Deploy 10,000 Troops for Global Peacekeeping, DPM Khadka Affirms”

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka announced Nepal’s commitment to providing up to 10,000 military personnel for international peacekeeping operations, strengthening the country’s resolve to support global stability. Speaking at a UN ministerial conference in Ghana, DPM Khadka highlighted Nepal’s substantial contributions to international peacekeeping efforts, emphasizing the nation’s fulfillment of key commitments and ongoing efforts to meet additional obligations.

Expressing gratitude to the Ghanaian government for hosting the conference, Khadka reiterated Nepal’s support for the UN Secretary General’s ‘Action for Peace’ and ‘Action for Peace Plus’ initiatives, emphasizing their focus on safeguarding both military personnel and civilians involved in peacekeeping missions.

“We have ensured readiness within our military ranks to respond to challenges, maintaining strict adherence to peacekeeping standards. Our policy maintains a zero-tolerance stance against sexual abuse and exploitation,” shared DPM Khadka during the conference, emphasizing Nepal’s dedication to upholding integrity and ethical practices in peacekeeping endeavors.

Khadka emphasized Nepal’s belief in enhancing coordination among key stakeholders, including the TPCC (Troop-Contributing Countries), to bolster the effectiveness of peacekeeping initiatives. Encouraging unity and collaboration, he urged all stakeholders to work together in achieving shared peacekeeping objectives.

Highlighting Nepal’s commitment to gender equality strategies advocated by the UN, Khadka underscored the nation’s efforts to increase the meaningful participation of women in military roles. Additionally, he emphasized Nepal’s dedication to leveraging and promoting renewable energy to reduce environmental impact within peacekeeping missions, citing ongoing partnerships with UNMISS and training centers.

With a legacy dating back to 1958, Nepal has been unwavering in its contributions to UN peacekeeping missions, ranking as the second-largest contributor of security personnel deployed in peacekeeping operations worldwide.

The ministerial-level summit, themed ‘Peace Begins with Me,’ saw participation from representatives of approximately 90 nations, underscoring global commitment and collaboration toward fostering international peace and security.

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