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“Kathmandu Metropolitan City Prohibits Use of Plastic Christmas Trees”

In a move aimed at environmental conservation, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has enforced a ban on the utilization of plastic Christmas trees within its jurisdiction. The KMC police have initiated actions to remove such trees, notably from shopping complexes, including Bhatbhateni Supermarket.

This prohibition, an extension of earlier restrictions on plastic garlands during the Tihar festival, encompasses plastic Christmas trees and related decorations. Despite the customary practice of adorning trees during the festive season, KMC urges the public to avoid purchasing or selling plastic Christmas trees, along with plastic flowers, garlands, and other associated decorative items.

The metropolis is steadfast in its measures due to concerns over the non-biodegradable nature of plastic materials, contributing to environmental pollution. The move aligns with KMC’s commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices and reducing the environmental impact of non-decomposable materials like plastic.

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